Welcome to our Cooperative

St. Jude Multi-Purpose Cooperative started on April 5, 1967. More than five decades have passed since Barangay Cotta, Lucena City enthusiastically embraced the vision and mission of this small and humble cooperative. Being founded by a parish priest and a group of 14 religious people they contributed a small amount of P673.00 as initial capital to help their "kababayan".

As of today the cooperative offers various services to more than 24,000 members within the area of Southern Luzon and National Capital Region. Also their assets even grew into 680 Million.

Despite numerous awards and recognitions given by different award-giving bodies, St. Jude Coop remains humble and continually extends its helping hands. Its active participation in strengthening migration and development initiatives in Quezon and nearby provinces became the highlight of its social responsibility. This movement became the channel of the cooperative to help OFW members on how to use their earnings wisely.

With the determination, aspirations, and hard work of its employees, officers, and members, ST. JUDE MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE will surely uphold the legacy of service with care.

Principles of the Company


One of the leading Billionaire Cooperative in the Philippines.


1. To promote holistic development for members and community.

2. To engage in diverse businesses that provide competitive, accessible and relevant services.

3. To embrace innovation and digitalization in rendering cooperatives services professionally.


  • S-incere and God-fearing
  • J-ust fair dealings
  • M-otivated human resource
  • P-rofessionalism and commitment
  • C-ontinuous innovation


ST. JUDE MEMORIAL Lucena City Plaque of Recognition 2019

ST. JUDE COOP HOTEL Regional Winner DOLE Productivity Olympics 2019

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